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Can we vote for a law against morons in power now?

And they wonder why people don’t speak up when shit happens. The Western University of Oregon, in a brilliant act of absolute unrivaled genius, came about *that* close to expelling a student for violating one of the university’s policies. And, for the record, it was a policy that basicly said if a student was found to have accessed confidencial information that was *accidentally* left in a publicly accessible area of the network, the student would be responsible for it and thus have to take the fall. Now, keep in mind the only reason he was known to actually have the information was because he reported it. Do I *really* have to explain how stupid, backwards, and outright brainless that is? The idiot factor of this dumbass move makes it perhaps the most hillarious thing I’ve posted on here. Ever. If… you find retarded policies and the morons that enforce them hillarious. Of course, if not, there’s always other websites–Google’s full of ’em. But still, the way I see it, the university has preetty much just told this kid, look, yes we screwed up. But you’re not getting paid–you’re expendable. If it were me, I’d certainly think twice about reporting anything else I accidentally discover. Just in case they’ve got a policy against that, too. How much you wanna bet even though they didn’t expell him, he doesn’t catch it good in the end anyway? That’s the danger of technology, I guess–there will always be someone there who doesn’t have a clue how it works, and blames everything on people doing what they’re not supposed to be doing just because they fucked up in the first place. And I get paid to talk to some of them. Somebody save me.

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