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Medicinal merijuana – or: Why morons get elected.

There’s way too many articles circulating both online and off both for and against the supposed benefits of medicinal merijuana, if there’s even such a thing as using it strictly for medicinal purposes. A mailing list I’m on went up in arms last night and earlier this morning when it was released that our government would be cancelling a project started by the liberals for the specific purpose of medicinal merijuana research. Now, personally, I could really care less one way or the other–I don’t use it, don’t know anyone who uses it (well, not medicinally, anyway), and just generally… don’t really give a shit whether the research project stays or goes. My indifference on the subject, however, prompted some rather… surprising responses, even from those who were obviously pro-merijuana research. Some of these responses, mind you, really make me question the kinds of people we have voting for our governments of late. One in particular really made me shake my head, and ask myself what the hell people are thinking nowadays. Names shall be altered to protect the innocent and/or misguided.

Bob as I said I have a prescription for medical marijuana no longer need to take pain killers one toke lasts me 3 days and nights nothing else stops the pain and swelling from diabetic neuropathy.They offered me morphine , when I was in the hospital with a broken pelvis. I turned down all their drugs even though I was in agony came home asap grabbed a toke relaxed and slept without pain for the first time in over a week!

Okay, so extreme run-on sentences and otherwise bad punctuation aside… this smells of either stupidity, or massive stoner. I somehow don’t think it’s the latter, but I really don’t *want* to think it’s the former… the original sender of the email *usually* has a good point. But refusing morphine, which is pretty much the strongest pain killer they can give you at any hospital up here, at least–there’s a reason, after all, why it’s only available in hospitals–in favour of going home and hitting a joint instead? I don’t know. Even if I supported the idea behind merijuana research, I sure as hell wouldn’t be turning down something to at *least* take the edge off the pain, if nothing else. I mean, I know I have a high pain tolerence anyway, but still. That’s just all manner of rediculous, IMHO. I’m beginning to think the only reason she did that was for the sole purpose of just going home to smoke up. Seriously… that doesn’t do a damn thing for the pain. You’re just too looped to notice it’s still there. Not much different from morphine, if you ask me. Except that it’s regulated, and if you have problems with it, at least you’re already *in* the hospital–again, this is why it’s only given out to people who’re actually forced to stay there. Of all the reasons to be in favour of something like this, that has got to be quite possibly the worst reason I’ve ever heard. I worry for you, Canada. I really do. If this is an example of the voting public nowadays, we’re all fucked.

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