I give you, the latest AOL marketting inovation!

But not really. It would appear, however accidentally, everyone’s favourite ISP has proven why it is they’re loved completely and totally to death. In an act of unrivaled brilliance, they’ve released some rather… critical user information. While search queries *usually* aren’t anything to be worried about, you ever done a search on your own name? Or a phone number you have/had? Or anything like that? Apparently, some of the released information contains just that. Oh, but that’s just the beginning. How much information, you ask? Well, okay, so maybe you don’t. Since when have I cared? Without compression, there’s… something like 2 gigs of information that’s gone and oops… been leaked. And this, ladies and gents, is what makes AOL awesome. I don’t know why it is we haven’t switched over yet. I mean really… what *are* my parents thinking?


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