Now that’s a distraction.

So I’m waiting for the local bus that gets me from my transfer point to the office, and this rather nice young lady who just so happens to be taking the same bus pulls up a seat about… oh 5 feet away from me and starts playing a guitar. At first, I figured… okay, it’s the beginning of summer–she’s probably just doing like those curb-side musicians do and just playing… well, because. But she was good. Nice singing voice, too. Probably someone I met in passing before but eh, still. So I’m just kinda standing there, half listening, and she goes into a version of “Tiny Dancer”. I never was really that big of an elton John fan, but trust me, I almost wanted to go back home and pick mine up for the first time in… um… well okay, like 6 or 7 months–I don’t have time to play anymore. Sue me. It was a cool distraction before work, though. Who knows? Maybe that whole 6 degrees of seperation theory will come into play here and I’ll see her again. Or maybe not. Either way, that was a break from the usual routine from work, and a very pleasant one. If I knew half the other songs she was singing, I might have joined in. Hey–it could happen. I don’t suck that badly. Or… so I’m told.


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