Well, I wasn’t meaning for *that* prediction to come true.

When me and Trish decided on the weekend gas would hit $2 by summer’s end, I wasn’t actually being serious. Well, okay, so I’m hardly ever being serious. But apparently someone thought I was making an exception. Oh. My. Freaking. Lord. Thank the gods I don’t drive. When I checked on this article earlier, there was reports of upwards of $1.25 in places. Per liter. I dunno… buy a coffee or buy enough gas to at least get yourself home. Which shall we pick? … That’s a good question. Someone tell me when we have an answer. In the meantime, I’ll enjoy public transit. Has it really gotten that bad?


There’s a nasty rumor going around that it hit $1.27 in Vancouver this afternoon. Oh. Shite.

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  1. Its nearly 3.50 a gallon where I live. It licks. Total ass.

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