We have snow? And, um, what is he doing…?

I got up about 9:00 this morning. And there was 4 inches of that white
crap on our front lawn. In November. The middle of freaking November.
Mother nature and I are apparently going to need to start having our
series of less than friendly conversations again. This aughta be…
well, um, fun. I still maintain snow should be here on December 23rd,
and gone by the 26th. And that’s if it must make an appearance at all.
Don’t get me wrong; I loves me some serious snow. Just not in the middle
of bloody November when literally 2 days ago I could and did walk
outside to Trish’s car to come here in a t-shirt. That’s just not cool.
In completely unrelated news, there are currently pieces of floorboard
strune about outside the computer room as I type. Apparently at some
point a couple weeks ago, dad decided to replace the carpetting we had
in our hallway with hardwood instead. So this weekend he’s decided to
finish the job. Naturally, that makes walking in spots a trick. But,
small issues. It’s actually more amusing than one might think. Mostly
because he’s getting frustrated to no end over a couple of less than
cooperative boards. If ever you wanted to hear someone curse up a
ETA: I just had to go help him try to lock down one of said less than
cooperative boards. It’s more amusing when you’re right there.
ETA 2: Now I think he’s just getting frustrated for getting frustrated’s
sake. Freaking hillarious.


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