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Winter drops in at home, while I’m out of the country.

Shortly after I revived this blog in its third reincarnation, we were teased with just a small sampling of wintery weather, which ended up not actually sticking around. We were well on our way to the first snow-free November I can remember having in the Ottawa valley area. Temperatures were still well above freezing, the most threatening of weather we ever had to hear about was the odd patch of fog at 6:30 in the morning, and layers were most asuredly not required. Flash forward to this morning. It’s dipped below freezing, and at last report, was still snowing north of the border. And, also at last report, it’s supposed to dip just a little farther into the below freezing end of the spectrum, at somewhere around -4 C (31 F for those of you reading from the comfort of your US locations). Winter’s definitely moving in. And, like the relative you don’t want showing up but who’ll show up anyway, it waited until I wasn’t home to do so.


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