I knew working at Dell would be bad for me.

Tonight went well enough that I 1: had lots of free time during my shift, 2: got off my shift on time for a change, and 3: had time to kill afterwards while waiting for people to get done so a rather large group of us could get a ride home–by the way, fitting 5 people in the back of one supervisor’s car does not a comfortable ride make. Just so you’re aware. So, I took half an hour of said time to kill, and finally went and bought my late Christmas present from me to me. And then I decided I needed an early birthday present, so took real good care of that, too. That small situation remedied, I can now rest easy tonight, knowing both occasions have been selfishly provided for. Which… just means I’ll have to do more shopping when my birthday comes around. Gotta buy early for next Christmas, you know. 😉

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  1. Niiiice presents. Want to buy me a late christmas present, too? I’d go for the birthday too, but I don’t wanna push it.
    Miss you, hun. I’d call, but you’re at work now, and I don’t wanna get you fired, soooo.
    Call me at some point, mkay?

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