I somehow survived my first night on the phones.

Don’t ask me how, because I have absolutely no idea. A couple calls I took ended up making me feel somewhere between awkward and stupid, and… I was… more than a little nervous taking them, but I managed. Somehow. Through some twisted maneuver of fate… or something. It was definitely a different experience, but I think a good one. I ended up improvizing my way through a couple calls, just because the guide they have that I have access to… well… didn’t cover the problems I was handling. At least, not directly. Except for one or two, but I couldn’t help them out anyway. All in all it wasn’t quite such a bad experience. Now, hopefully I can keep doing it and get a little less nervous about it. Gawd, if I coulda made myself think I’d screw up, I would have. And then it would have probably happened. *twitch*

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