I can tell today is already going to be the day from hell, and it’s only coming up on 10:30. The obvious indicator of it should have been when the phone started ringing more often for my way too soon to be sister-in-law than for anyone who actually lives here. Not helped was it by the fact her damn dog reminds me very much of those kids you just wanna tie to a chair and inject with the heaviest sedative going until their parents come to collect them, which in and of itself is going to be still way too far away from now. I just hold my breath, count to 10, thank the gods I move in 4 days–starting to count hours, now, too–and wait for the inevitable screw-up that will no doubt result in my sister-in-law being given the choice of either finding that damn dog a home or having it shot. I love my family, but there are a few members I could stand not to see for a good long time. She’s becoming one of them.
And in other news… I officially kick myself for picking the apartment I did. There’s gonna be a fair bit of walking involved in finding my bus stop. Not good if you’re a lazy fuck, and well, I am. And it’s gonna be a uber bitch come the days of 20 below. Ah well, can’t have it all. Good job, good apartment, decent city, so of course the location’s gonna turn out crappier than it looks. Then again, that’s why they invented carpooling. Or I can always, you know, take my own advice and stop bitching, suck it up and walk, dammit. But, no. It’s my blog, I’ll bitch if I goddamn well wanna bitch. Then I’ll suck it up and walk.
This unusual combination of topics brought to you by boredom. Screwing people out of being distracted/entertained for longer than I care to guess at.

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