And amidst all that stupidity, something somewhat positive, if a little idiotic in itself.

I have discovered the reason for it taking a week for me to actually get a hold of something that wasn’t someone’s voicemail. One HR person I’m to get in touch with was, in fact, on vacation, or… something of the sort. The other? Well, see, she was transfered to Edmonton, and the girl who was taking over for her apparently dropped the ball, or that’s the impression I got, anyway. So the HR person who didn’t get transfered finally called me back, and is probably going to end up having a conversation with her… yay people in charge! Or… something. So I might actually get somewhere before 2007 is over. Possibly. My opinion regarding relying on other people, however, remains unchanged.

  1. Edmonton – Whee!! See, all the cool kids are moving here…

  2. Yes, well, that cool kid delayed my employment, which in turn delayed any eventual moving anywhere. That ain’t cool. Point invalidated. 🙂

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