Where in hell did that come from?

Okay, so I didn’t watch much more than 3 minutes of the third period, and the extra frames. But… what in the 7 levels of hell? Rarely do I see a team up 6 3 going into the third period, like the Leafs were, only to lose 7 6 because of stupidity. The few minutes at the end of the game were an example of that one… save in the overtime period, the puck seemed to spend most of its time in the wrong end of the bloody rink. I can’t really comment on much more than that, because… well, while they were playing, I was driving home. But, to lose like that in a game in which they were clearly dominating, something had to have fucked up. I should catch a replay and figure out exactly what the hell broke in the third period… because that was just absolutely rediculous in the extreme.


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