One very bad goalie… done with!

Eddie the Eagle, otherwise known as last season’s worst goalie (no, we’re not counting the backup goalie who I can’t spell worth a crap), just got canned. Sweet fucking Jesus. That was one *really*, *really* bad goalie. I mean, he was good once… and he had a decent record last year… but the guy’s a total flop. As soon as the first rumors floated around that there was a possibility management wouldn’t pick up the extra year on his contract, the guy fakes a back injury with like 2 months left in the season thereabouts, and I know damn well he was faking it. So, judgement day came up, and voila, master faker doesn’t get picked up for the extra year. Suckith to be you. Maybe the former Boston goalie will actually do us some good. Belfor was a loser.


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