If you can’t hold your alcohol, stay home.

Apparently, our drunken crusaders with a Canada day pissing problem have finally been identified. One of them is 23 years old, and being charged with public mischief. The other two are under 18 and apparently not being charged, which I think is just rediculous but I didn’t call the shots. Apparently, the reason they pissed on the National War Memorial, not that it’s any excuse in my honest and not worth shit beyond this blog opinion, is they were drunk as fuck. The 23-year-old claimed not even to remember dooing it, and didn’t even know about it until one of his friends told him he made the front page. Public mischief, though? I’d of at least charged him with providing alcohol to minors, if absolutely nothing else. I mean, he flat out admited that whole group came loaded with alcohol and had been drinking the whole day, and they couldn’t have bought the crap themselves, so that wouldn’t be too far a stretch, I wouldn’t think. Of course I wouldn’t know worth a damn, but that’s just me. I bitched a fit about it when it happened, so I won’t bother doing it again even though it still pisses me off. But jesus christ people, enough with the slaps on the wrist already. At least the public mischief charge carries a maximum of 2 years in jail. Maybe he’ll come out of there a bit more mature.


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