I may be slightly sadistic.

As evidenced by the fact I am at work on no sleep, and in 20 minutes will be taking a qualifications exam of which I had 2 days notice. That, of course, necessitated that I take yesterday off to study for it; you try squeezing in studying for a test like that between calls here. And 10:00 is way too late to be studying for anything when you have to be up at mumble o’clock the next morning. So now I get to blow this test away, and take half my sanity with it. If there wasn’t the potential of a pay increase should this test go my way, I’d be cramming it up somebody’s ass instead. Love the job, but if they knew last week I was taking this test today, could they maybe next time just kinda sorta let me know last week that I’m taking this test? Bleh. People piss me off.f

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