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My girlfriend is awesome. And, the job market may suck slightly less today.

Or maybe not, but work with me here, dammit. Jessica (samari76) just kicked the royal shit out of her latest test, but I’ll let her tell whoever she pleases all the gory details of that one. And in slightly more w00t style news, I can has repeat job opportunity plz? I wrote a while back about a job I’d applied for with a company owned by Momentus ltd, that I of course ended up not getting (stupid being overqualified and all that crapola). They told me then to keep an eye out, as they’d probably be looking to fill positions in the not too distant future that my qualifications would be more suited for. I wouldn’t call it necessarily a position needing to be filled in the *immediate* future, but… hey, 8 months later isn’t half bad in today’s economy. This one’s actually labled as a tech support job, so we shall see if that makes it automaticly within my realm of qualifications/abilities/skills/whatever and go from there. As for right now, Jess should be just about done with class and on her way home, and from there, I do believe we have some cellebrating to do.

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  1. Hi! Good luck on the job. I have a question for you, Mr. Techie: Where do you weigh in on the Mac versus pc debate? My daughter, who is in college, needs a new laptop. I will buy her one, but she wants a Macbook. I am not willing to pay that much, so she is asking me whether it is a good idea for her to pay the difference in price between what I would buy her (something basic, not fancy, but decent) and the Macbook. What do you think?

    • If she’s going to be doing any sort of interaction with the college equipment itself, a PC would probably be the better of the options. Mostly since it’s been my experience profs and the like generally have a thing for using MS Office products (Word, Power Point, Excel) for their materials. And, while you *can* find a version of it that will run on the mac, I’d recommend exploratory surgery over that. Any day.

      • Thanks. I’ll pass that on to hermy daughter. It may not matter; she may be in love, in which case the facts are irrelevant. Apple has some powerful advertising, I’ll grant them that, if nothing else.

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