Here in one piece, and slightly less deaded.

I ended up getting in at about 12:30 or so last night, give or take, and
we spent pretty much the next hour or so just catching up, talking and
the like. She was pretty tired after all that, and I probably should
have been; I did manage to get *some* sleep on the way down, but not as
much as I needed. So at about 1:30 or closer to 2, we ended up crashing.
Usually I’m not the kind of person to notice or even acknowledge the
little details, but in this particular case, it’s a kind of hard to miss
little detail.
It’s a hell of a lot more relaxing if, after a trip like yesterday’s,
you can actually settle in with someone else just to kill a couple hours
talking about whatever. Neither of us moved until about 20 to 7 this
morning, and only because for reasons beyond my comprehension she
actually willingly got up for work. I’ve been kind of dinking around
here in the meantime, doing the occasional little thing that would have
probably been done later anyway, but I’m here and such so it got done
now. I’m apparently supposed to meet someone she works with at some
point tonight, so getting dressed is on the list of things to do
whenever I decide to stop being so goddamn lazy as hell. Hmm. This entry
didn’t actually have a whole lot of a point to it. Oh well.


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