Another touchy feely security oopsy. Have we learned yet?

Your ads will be inserted here byEasy Plugin for AdSense.Please go to the plugin admin page toPaste your ad code OR Suppress this ad slot. From the very same folks who brought you this, let me introduce you to an equally disturbing, and just a little tiny bit disgusting, part two. It certainly appears that […]

Dalton McGuinty’s definition of save: Spend more!

Your ads will be inserted here byEasy Plugin for AdSense.Please go to the plugin admin page toPaste your ad code OR Suppress this ad slot. So Ontario’s premier finally gets that his environmentally friendly initiatives re: hydro are very slowly and very painfully breaking the bank. In response, he’s decided to offer us a generous […]

Clive Doucet doesn’t get the meaning of “Stop emailing me”. Again.

In 2009, I had a very short, two email long conversation with Ottawa councillor Clive Doucet during the OC Transpo strike. The exchange quite literally consisted of one email in each direction. And the email coming from his direction pretty much told me and my valid–and not disputed–criticisms of the city’s handling of the strike […]

Things to keep in mind if you’re a politician: accessible does not mean blame the other guys.

When it’s brought to your attention that your office is somewhat less than accessible, particularly when you happen to be the member of parliament in charge of things to do with people with disabilities, the appropriate response would be to: A: Appologise and work towards fixing it where possible, such as possibly looking for a […]

Attention Sharron Angle: Canada hates you right now.

According to certain fragments of the US political system, Canada’s little more than a terrorist haven. The latest spokesperson of that line of thinking? Nevada senate candidate Sharron Angle. According to this lovely ray of sunshine, the border shared between the US and Canada is the most porous border America has. This, of course, all […]

Note to american Airlines: It’s a cane, not an explosive.

I don’t think Bill diamond will be flying American Airlines any time in the near future. Particularly not after a flight attendant on his trip from Pittsburgh to Chicago decided his cane was, in fact, some kind of threat to airline security and promptly asked him to surrender it. Now, whether or not you agree […]

New legal defense: “The elves are coming!”.

And they gave this guy firearms? Really? A Montreal man who was arrested on several charges, including charges related to child porn and uttering death threats on Facebook, along with a few firearms related charges, was bailed out on $25000, posted by his father. David Abitbol says he bought the guns because he believed himself […]

Another day, another politician’s resignation demanded.

This one, surprise surprise, over a contract to renovate a section of Parliament Hill. The contract which started, and had problems, before the current minister in charge was actually, you know, in charge. And yet, because it’s had problems from day 1, and because he had the unmitigated gall to be at a fund raiser […]

This week’s terrorist establishment: Campbell’s soups!

Oh, those whacky US conservatives. If it’s not Canada’s healthcare system that’s evil, it’s Canada’s arm of an American corporation. And this week, a group of US-based bloggers have come together to condemn a line of tomato soup said to have been certified as meeting guidelines according to muslim law. The organization chosen by Campbell’s […]

Verizon borrows a play from Rogers’s book. Anyone surprised?

The next time I bitch about my cell phone bill going up while my service takes a giant crap, somebody remind me about this guy. Currently, he’s on a 5 GB data plan with Verizon for $60/month. According to Verizon’s website, there’s nothihg nigher. According to most of Verizon’s available resources–at least, those this poor […]

There’s a special place in hell reserved for you, sir. Right this way.

Further proof that blind does not, in fact, mean an easy target, just in case folks are keeping track of things like this. A guy in Windsor, Ontario, walked into apartments belonging to two blind people while they were occupied–one was in the bathroom, for crying out loud–and proceeded to steal from them. His first […] makes me aware of their existence, and why I shouldn’t use them.

My LiveJournal account’s been active since 2008 or thereabouts. All those entries, plus the entries of my old blog, were recently ported over here for the sake of my sanity. Since setting up this blog, I haven’t bothered directly posting to LJ–I’ve simply been letting the entries I write here be crossposted over there automatically. […]

Attention Greyhound. This failing business is not called for.

It used to be, every time I came up with a wicked evil plot to get me on the US side of the border, the Canadian version of the Greyhound service–website, customer service line, occasionally the station itself–would tend to throw a small fit. Or an extremely large one, depending on the phase of the […]

Another study states the obvious: banning texting while driving doesn’t work.

How many different institutions are going to come up with things like this before governments get the hint? Yeah, I’m looking at you too, Dalton Mcguinty. A Verginia-based organization examined collision claims and accident paterns in several states, both with and without laws against texting while driving, starting before states began instituting these laws. And, […]

Making piracy look good. Again, thanks, CRIA.

God knows there’s about a hundred million arguments in favour of downloading music for free and, supposedly, illegally. And about 3 against it. Argument number 100000001: the licensing fees they’re asking for are a sad attempt at redefining insane. Take the situation surrounding Pandora, an online music streaming service, as an example. The Canadian Recording […]

It’s amazing what some folks will call a disability now.

I’m still curious what the human rights people’s explanation is for this. The Ontario Court of Appeal has upheld rulings that denying two chronic alcoholics long-term support payments would violate the province’s Human Rights Code. The Ontario Disability Support Program had argued over the years the men should be ineligible for benefits because their sole […]

The state of Oregon screws up huge, wants the victim to pay for it.

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. a woman from Alberta, Canada, marries a US citizen who’s still maintaining a residence in the US. She takes her kid down there for a vacation, between the three of them they decide the kid will stick around down there while his mother returns to Canada. The […]

A small note to Clive Doucet: No one likes opt-out mailing lists.

Ottawa city councillor turned mayoral candidate Clive Doucet has one very small problem. He doesn’t quite get how mailing lists–particularly those advertising his position leading up to a municipal election–are actually supposed to work. Instead of allowing folks to choose to sign up for his advertisements, he chose instead to assume anyone who’s emailed him […]