Fact: I don’t do well with birthdays.

Well okay, not entirely true. In fact I completely and epicly fail at birthdays. I’m sure there are at least 2 people’s birthdays this month that have gone past unnoticed by me for that very reason. The one solid exception to this is birthdays of past girlfriends and the occasional close friend. Girlfriends because, well, really, who forgets the girlfriend’s birthday and survives to tell about it? And the occasional close friend for I have no damn clue what reason. Lucky, mayhap? Eh, it works. If it wasn’t for LJ I’d probably forget about one very important birthday coming up in the next month or so. Hell, I still might. ‘Cuz occasionally, I’m an idiot like that. So yeah, if your birthday comes and goes and you don’t hear from me, I appologise in advance. You can feel free to take it out on LJ. Meanwhile, depending on the person who’s birthday gets forgotten, I’ll just kinda be over here. Hiding. ‘Til next year. *nods*

Yeah, about that.

Sleep is not happening. Originally not by choice but now, definitely by choice. Ah well, Saturday tomorrow is. I can sleep in if necessary. And sleep plenty more when I’m dead. ‘Tis off to do something semi-productive. Shock, awe, surprise, and all that crap.

Useless me trivia.

I’m a sucker for any kind of music I can either sing, or play. I used to take up the piano quite actively, though since actually getting something akin to a life that’s kinda fallen by the wayside. Still, occasionally I’ll play around with something just because it’s me. I’ve been asked on more than one occasion (I’m looking at you, momallrat) to toss something online here as a demonstration, or make some alternative arangement of getting such possibly offensive material to those requesting it. Blanket answer: it’s your torment, but if you’re that curious you’re just gonna have to hear it in person. And that’s just my playing, questionable/out of practice as it might be. I wouldn’t inflict my singing on anyone. Well, unless we were both drunk to the point of anything sounding good but then what does it matter? And speaking of music, I now go blast this song and get my crap together for work. Yay having an almost life.

Never let it be said I don’t know what I’m talking about.

I took an English class in highschool run by a teacher who happened also to be a psychologist. I think she might have been the school counsellor too; I dunno, it was forever ago. Clefurgey? Help? So you tended to pick up a little thing or two along the way whether you were interested in it or not. Still, I’ll freely admit I have absolutely no clue about the subject on the whole. That said, I just escentially drowned someone in potential research material for a paper they’re doing. The absolute last thing you can tell me is you can’t find anything useful to write a paper on. I’ve pulled enough of them out of nowhere on the night before they were due you give me an hour and I’ll do everything but write the thing for you. I are teh awesome.

At least the place looks cleaner?

Unfortunately, I feel no more awake than I did an hour ago. Conversation with almadefortitude managed to keep me from contemplating going right back to sleep, so at least I could get done what little I actually have. Now, I get me ready to get the hell outa here. Important people have means to contact me. Everyone else is just gonna have to wait in line.

Dear Bell/Sympatico. Die. In. A. Fire.

Second time in half an hour, and while I’m catching up on LJ of all things, it kicks me off. Monday so cannot come soon enough. Also: *only* time you’ll ever hear me looking forward to a Monday on which I work. Write it down in the calendar if you must.

In completely unrelated news, I did attempt to get a couple hours’ more sleep. That was made of all kinds of fail. So, early morning wins. Now I just have to get up the energy to actually do something. A morning person, I am not. Okay, correct that. My body thinks I am. My brain, on the other hand, is still safely tucked away in bed. I say again, the world should not start turning before 10. I should not be moving before noon. Whoever thought it’d be a bright idea to ignore both should be shot. And now, I post this. Before I lose anything resembling coherency that might have snuck its way into this entry. Not that I expect there to be a whole hell of a lot at mumble o’clock in the goddamn morning but y’know.

A haphazard update. Awake is not I.

In list format, because this quite literally has no real content whatsoever. And because it doesn’t require so much thought.

  • Doing your taxes for the first time sucks, royally. Not so much because it’s not easy to do (mine, at least, border on being way too bloody simple), but because you have absolutely no idea how much paperwork’s involved ’til you actually sit down to do it. I finally got at it today (Uh, yesterday?), and I was *still* missing paperwork. Which required phone calls.
  • Getting used to the new shift effective on monday. Bleh. On the one hand, Monday-Friday 8:30-5:30 *was* what I was after since, like, forever ago. But on the other… bleh. Not gonna be fun after working the shift I was just on. But at least I get evenings again! And still have weekends!
  • The mother thing warned me last night she’d be dropping by at some point this morning. And me without the money to pay to have the place white washed. She’ll just have to settle for having it disinfected.
  • I’ve been dinking around with Last.fm the last couple days, mostly out of boredom. And getting nowhere. Their plugin for Winamp doesn’t play nice… I hope it’s just because I’m still downloading crap in the background and not because it’s busted. I’m half inclined to think it’s the latter, though.
  • I change ISP’s in 2 days. I officially cancel this account in 15. Hell. Yes.
  • I should not be awake at this hour. Somebody should be entertaining me. Or I should be going back to bed. Eh, since I’m up anyway might as well see how much cleaning I can miraculously pull off (see above bullets for why). Whether I will or not though? Ask me in the morning.

Public service announcement.

I am officially still not entirely awake. Attempts at conversation that aren’t in person may for that reason unintentionally go ignored. Do not assume I’m pissed at you; if I were, you wouldn’t need to ask. End of public service announcement. You may now go back to doing anything else but reading this.

Wherein James pwns. Again.

They gave me an hour for that test. I was done in half that. And blew it away. I should do crap like that on no sleep and a can or two of coke more often. I are teh awesome.


So now I drag my fat ass out the door. And will probably forget something important in the process. I hate Mondays. I am, however, still largely reachable by texts ’til 11, and email shortly there after. If you don’t have means to do either, it’s in my profile. If you don’t have access to see/utilize certain things, it’s probably because I don’t want you to. Deal with it. I’m going to work.

It’s a slow news day.

So I shall spend the remainder of it watching baseball until I find something more entertaining to do. Like killing most of the evening at Bayshore. Which will happen momentarily. That didn’t take long.

Just how awesome is James?

Walked some chick through replacing RAM for her system. Now, keep in mind I have no idea what said system looks like internally. Or just how skilled she actually is (she was decent, for the record). Duplicate *that*, I dare ya. Or maybe not.

PS: No, I’m not always that full of myself. but I have absolutely nothing else to comment on and hey, everyone else around here gets a kick out of it. I might as well.

I’m awake. Somehow.

I have no idea how I managed to pull that off. Nor do I have any idea how I managed to drag my ass to work this morning. I got enough sleep, I just didn’t want to get up. No big surprise for me lately; stay up ’til 4 for one weekend and my sleep routine goes straight to hell for a week and a half. Not that I’m complaining, mind you–some of said time spent throwing my sleep routine off balance was spent in conversation with sheyrena, so it’s all good. I just have to learn not to do that to such extremes. At least until I can get around to booking my week or so off. Eh, I’ll learn that later. Keeping odd hours is what I do. Isn’t that why they invented coffee?

And I can almost be ready for another work week.

I can quite safely say I had absolutely nothing planned for the weekend. Nothing new–I never make plans. Bad for my health. So murlynns_view calls me at the crack of 1:30 (or was it closer to 2?) and suggests we start walking and meet halfway between our respective houses. Long and short of it, easiest way to kill an afternoon, *ever*. And we’ve officially decided that it’s a whole lot faster to walk from here to there than it is to bus it. Since in the time it took me to get there (we figured on the way back about 20-30 minutes), neither of us had seen a bus go past. So that’s one way to guarantee you do something semi-productive with your day off.

we shot the shit for pretty much most of what was left of the afternoon, she ended up making yet another awesome dinner (trying to prod her into unleashing some of her recipes for the curious to absorb), and the 3 of us killed the better part of the evening watching You Kill Me (2007). Whenever I end up both motivated and awake enough I’ll toss out a review. But suffice it to say for now that movie is fucking hillarious. Ended up walking back here just after 8:00 or so, at which point sleep started sounding like a good idea. I think she and the husband were probably thinking the same damn thing. Then came the requisit phone call from the mother, but at least this time she didn’t insist on talking my ear off; apparently she got that out of her system last night. And now I’m just about considering falling into bed. Whether or not I actually get that far though is anyone’s guess. But y’know… that whole difference between what I *should* do and what I *will* do. They rarely seem to agree. Some would call it a bad thing, I call it me. Take it or leave it.

Random thought: for a girl who continues to insist I should get out more than she seems to think I do, the mother calls an aweful freakin’ lot. And if I happen to not answer said phone call poor murlynns_view gets the next one with a hell of a panic factor. Ah family. Can’t live with ’em and even if you’re an hour plus away they still dont’ let ya live without ’em.

Home, sufficiently fed, sufficiently RP’d.

The week might have somewhat sucked, with a few pleasing parts thrown into the mix, but now, life is officially good. At least for 3 days. But they’re the only 3 days I care about.

PS: No, Rogers, I can’t afford to pay you yet. Suck it up, buttercup.

I still don’t feel very awake…

Fortunately I’m nearly halfway done my shift. And I have the next 3 days or so off. At least one of those mornings will be spent oversleeping. tomorrow sounds good. Hmm. I need things that entertain. My usual source of entertainment’s not doing it for me this afternoon.

Someone called/texted me earlier. Why is beyond me. If it was someone on my flist I’m working. I’ll answer you later. Maybe. If it was someone else I probably don’t want to hear from ’em anyway. Bill collectors, for instance. Okay, my attempt to ramble isn’t doing much more keeping me awake than my usual sources of links. And this call just won’t end, so uh, I’m gonna find something else to read while this diagnostic runs. Yay for knowing things will be replaced and not being able to skip the rest of the checklist.


Getting up this morning was the last thing I thought about doing… almost literally. I slept in, and very nearly didn’t get here. I blame the absolute killer headache from hell I came home with last night, to the point where eating anything was a very bad idea. I was home long enough last night to check my voicemail and confirm no one wanted me, and then promptly fell into bed. Where I stayed ’til 8:30 or so this morning. On the bright side, the headache finally screwed off. On the not so bright side, I still didn’t sleep enough. I’ve got an hour or so before my shift starts, and it starts with a meeting for another hour. I’ll just kinda… be… over here… kay? *sleeps*

Dear winter. Die in a fucking fire.

It was officially spring 4 days ago (should have been 3, but someone decided it was on the 20th this year instead. Buh?). There should, therefore, not be fucking snow on my fucking front fucking lawn. Evicted is you.

Fuck you kindly,

PS: I’d love to introduce anyone who still thinks global warming is an issue to one of the nearby half my size snowbanks that seem to have kind of cropped up. just pick a time and place.

PPS: Today’s high was supposed to be -3. 1: it’s March; bring on the above fucking 0, and 2: Environment Canada disagrees with your forecast. You fail at life.

It’s official. I am an idiot.

I logged into an old LJ of mine for the first time in like 4 years 2 weeks ago, for the sole purpose of deleting it. In a momentary flash of brilliance, I ended up accidentally coming to the new one, and logging into the old account. And then subsequently trying to go to my new LJ’s friends page. Now, like a good little piece of half decently coded software should, LJ told me it’d been deleted. Except I was… just.. using it. The light comes on. I suck.

Should I still be tired?

My mind says no, but my body says hell yes. I got in just after 11 last night and was in bed by midnight, only finally crawling out of bed for good about 25 minutes ago. This just may be a job for extra caffeine. Going to work today is likely gonna suck…


One down side to doing things the illegal way: it takes bloody well forever. Example: I’ve been trying to download the second season of Andromeda for the past, oh… 6 months or so. And getting freakin’ nowhere. Either I can’t play the video, or no one’s seeding the torrent I’ve just so happened to grab. And of course, since 12 hours out of my day are spent either at work or getting to and from, the other 7 or 8 sleeping, it doesn’t give me much time anymore to fight with it. So I suspect a good chunk of the 3 day weekend I’m entitled to (tomorrow’s my Friday, yay!) will be spent in a rather heated argument between myself and the illegal downloading community as a whole. And dammit I intend to win that argument. 😛


It’s a good thing I find hardware troubleshooting, 98% of the time, to be incredibly, incredibly easy. Because, and several people are in agreement with me on this one, we are severely undertrained for doing so. That’s what happens I guess when you take people who’ve been doing software troubleshooting for the better part of a year plus and fire ’em into the hardware department after a week’s crash course. I am now taking job recommendations.

I was right.

It would seem my hand has stopped that wicked awesome little tingling thing it’d been doing for most of the day. And I’m still breathing so clearly it wasn’t anything worth being all concerned over. So now it’s back to your regularly scheduled random crap from me. In the morning.

Tingly goodness.

So my right hand’s been doing some funky little thing where it goes all numb on me. Not numb in the sense that it’s unuseable, it’s just doing some crazy little tingle thing with itself. Ah well, it’s a long way from the heart so I’ll live. It’s just all kinds of odd and out of the blue entirely. It’ll probably improve later. Say, tomorrow-ish.

And on a complete and totally unrelated note, clefurgey, update your frickin journal. You gave me hell for not using mine. 😛