I’m going to disagree with this study. With emphasis.

There’s a study out that basicly says coffee doesn’t do much for regular drinkers of the stuff. Now, granted I don’t consider myself a regular–meaning daily–coffee drinker by any means–I get my caffeine from other sources if I need it, but I’m going to just kind of give this report a big fat no. I’m not a morning person by any stretch. Wasn’t before coffee, or other sources of caffeine, am not any more so after. But, if I’m going to be required awake and mobile before the sun’s up–believe it or not that has been known to happen, there will be coffee involved. That’s a rule. One of three things will happen. The world will wait until at least 10 to start turning, there will be coffee present should the world–and I–be required mobile prior to 10, or at least one individual–noteably the individual who decided to wake me–will probably die. I’m not a coffee/caffeine addict by the standard definition. I’ve gone several days without anything caffinated. But not before 10. Trust me, it’s for your own safety.

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