My musical inclination’s temporary vacation.

Growing up, I always had a sort of obsession, if you will, with various types of music–mostly listening, but later on, playing. It started with the piano, and as I got out of highschool and finished college, it started graduating more towards the guitar–I blame my uncle, who could probably at least bullshit his way through a song on the thing if you let him. I’d planned to keep at both, but then life sort of happened. I ended up working, and fairly long hours at that–not that I’m complaining or anything; the paychecks were awesome. The down side? It left not a whole lot of time for keeping up with either instrument. So, that kind of gradually fell by the wayside. Then I moved back here, became borderline broke, and subsequently unable to pick it back up again. Oh, I still halfway dabble at the piano every so often, but nothing quite like I used to–took too long to decide to get back to dabbling, I guess.

I’ve always had a good ear for music, even when I wasn’t actively participating in lessons–I did all my learning by ear, for example. Because of that, I’ve sort of developed an ability, much to the dismay of the few people I know who can actually sing well, to virtually deconstruct a song and pick up on things that, well, may or may not benefit from some improvement. I still have that ability, even though it’s been a few years since I’ve actively put it to some semblence of use. So, I haven’t completely lost my inclination towards music, even if it hasn’t exactly been at the forefront for quite some time. It’s sort of been on temporary, but indefinite, vacation. That vacation will probably be as indefinite as my inability to aford to pick it back up again. Or until I can find some variation of the free equivalent. Whichever. It’s nice, though, to still be able to pick up on details of a song I’m listening to even if I couldn’t immediately run over to the piano, or the guitar, and play the whole damn thing back–not yet, anyway. There’s still hope for my return yet if that’s the case. Now, if I could just figure out where this singing ability people tell me I have has run off to.

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