In which I breathe a sigh of relief and thank christ I don’t have to deal with US immigration.

If ever I have a reason to deal with US immigration in future, can somebody please very politely slap me upside the head with something blunt and heavy? Thanks. They don’t seem to be in possession of a degree of inteligence lately. A 14-year-old girl ran away from home and was later arrested for shoplifting. She fed police a fake name–what 14-year-old hasn’t done that, if they thought it’d keep them from catching shit–and that name just so happened to belong to someone wanted by the Colombian government. So the police handed her over to immigration–who promptly took her fingerprints and, uh, deported her anyway. Her grandmother only found out about it, uh, this year (this happened in 2010). I wonder how long it’ll take them to undo this mess–and how much of its web sensorship practices are playing a part in why no one knew of it until, uh, 2012?

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