When in doubt, just do it yourself. Or, how about, not really.

I want to start this entry off with a comment like “Only in America.” or something to that affect, but I don’t even know anymore. Still, this one’s from California, so do with it what you will. A Glendale man decided, rather than wait for a date with the nearest hospital to have a hernia taken care of, he’d do it himself–with a butter knife. Haven’t heard anything new on this since that particular story came out, but he was placed on psychiatric hold for 72 hours and promptly taken exactly where he should have been. No idea whatsoever why he decided to take the do it yourself route, but I guess being a little messed in the head’s a good enough reason about it. When they say don’t try this at home, though, I’m fairly sure they mean stuff kind of exactly like this. But, as they say in my favourite book series, it takes all kinds. This kind should just be kept far, far away from sharp objects.

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