When in doubt, pass the buck.

Nothing ever gets done in Canada’s parliament. I’ve made that implication before. But now, it’s an implication all parties involved, at least, think about acknowledging. So what’s their solution? Well, they *could* agree to start prioritizing things, giving room for the bills with the least likelyhood to be completely and totally torn apart by one side or the other to actually get past. Or, they could just blame each other. This has become yet another conservative versus liberals faceoff, much akin to the dog comment–by the way, no one really gives a fuck about that either. I don’t want to be waving my right to vote, but damn… if this keeps up, people are gonna end up voting for the Green party not because they agree with their platform, but because they’re sick and tired of the big players acting more like 5th-graders. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. This be why I won’t vote conservative, or liberal. I won’t even vote NDP if it can be avoided–I’d rather vote for an independant. At least it has a better chance of not being wasted.


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