And they want me to vote for this?

Canada’s parliament. Also known as that place where the country’s future–and sometimes present–are decided almost overnight. Sometimes. Or, rather, that place that inevitably takes me back to my highschool days. Really, now. this? In Ottawa? Really?

The remainder of question period was notable mostly for the insults. “Sit down, you clown!” a voice from the Liberal ranks bellowed at Conservative minister John Baird. “Kiss and make up!” a Conservative taunted Liberal Denis Coderre, who is still on the outs with party leadership.

You know it’s bad when folks from overseas feel way too familiar watching from the sidelines.

Dorjee said she has watched India’s parliamentarians in action on TV, and pronounced it “quite similar” to the Canadian version.

“I guess this is how it’s done,” she said with a slight grimace.

If anyone else has questions re: the lack of voter turnout for elections, might I suggest they ask our local parliamentarians. Or, if they want a straight answer, Ms. Dorjee. In the meantime, anyone wanna play “Whack an MP”?


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