And this is why I don’t vote liberal.

so maybe 2% from a GST standpoint isn’t a whole hell of a lot. I’d still rather the 5 cents on a case of coke stays in my pocket rather than makes it to the government. but then, I’m also a cheap little man, too. So when I came across this article that suggests the liberal leader would reverse the GST cut if elected, I was… well… just a little tiny bit pissed. but then, I probably shouldn’t be surprised–they haven’t exactly been doing a whole lot to save us money when they were in office. A large part of the reason why they now aren’t. Well, that, combined with the fact that I, personally, don’t want another bloody Quebec Prime Minister. We finally got rid of Cratien… why inflict dion on this country instead? And yes, I’m ignoring the fact they’ve done a complete 180 so far as what they promise in elections–but then again, you show me a political party that doesn’t. Ah well, a penny saved on taxes is a penny kept away from people like dion. I’ll take that, too.


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