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So apparently being blind now means being liberal?

News to me, but apparently, that’s the thing to do up in here. So says this email I received, one in a long list of them debating whether or not entire school buildings should be redesigned because, ZOMG, outside distractions can interfere with classroom work.

James, I am glad you got to meet some decent teachers in your life. As for not having left-wing tendencies, You are forgiven. Nobody’s perfect. Please, remind me, what did the right ever do for the disabled?

Well, thank you. And now that I have your permission, I will continue going on being realistic (note: I said I was more realistic in my views; she said right wing). I think I might have just figured out why it is no one ever really takes advocacy organizations seriously. Thank god I’m not a member of one.


3 responses to “So apparently being blind now means being liberal?

  1. I’m sure they mean Canadian, but I’m sure you could find just as good examples for Canada. George Bush Sr. pushed the bill through for the ADA which here is the most popular disabilities rights bill to this day. I rest my case on the Yanks side.

    • I think that falls under the category of right wing movements. Politically, Bush was as right wing as our prime minister is. Part of the reason many of us would love to see him taken out back and shot for some of his recent decisions (Afghanistan, anyone?).

  2. I am my only master. I identify myself to god and to no other man!

    I’m blind, I have a mind, and a very conservative one at that. Thus, one of many reasons I do not belong, and never will belong, to a consumer group.

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