OC Transpo switches it up for the winter.

Break out the calendar if you plan on taking the bus next week, and mark down this Saturday’s date under “Important to remember”. OC Transpo has released their winter service schedule, with a twist for a lot of popular routes, which will be effective from then on. To start, they removed my formerly regular stop at Bayshore during their morning runs of routes like the 118. The 101 also doesn’t stop down by the office I used to work anymore–considering, you know, almost no one actually works there anymore–so if you have work to do near where the old Dell building is, you might want to think about taking the 182–at least, I think it still drops you off about a block from there. How does the change affect you? check it out for yourself, and then either bitch, complain, or otherwise opinionate in the comments if you’re so inclined. Or not.

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