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And once again, the search kiddies ask a very good question.

Oct 9 10:42am: who hands out clean crack pipes in Vancouver

That’s exactly the question I asked a few weeks ago. Who in their right mind? Although, speaking of right mind, I hope that search wasn’t to point our querier in the general direction of a source…

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  1. I’m actually in support of the safe injection thing. People are going to do it anyway, so you might as well have a place where they can come and do it in a supervised, safe as possible manner. It’ll actually do more to keep people out of hospitals than it will to put them in. It cuts the risk of serious diseases that spread through sharing dirty equipment, for a start. Plus those sites offer help to kick the stuff if people want it. What governments are doing now isn’t working, so as far as I’m concerned something like this can do nothing but help.

    • See, I get that. And I agree with it–to a point. But if governments are going to be getting involved in something like this, their end goal should *be* to get these people help. Otherwise, they’re not so much keeping them out of the hospital, but rather, just delaying it. Doesn’t matter if the pipe’s clean or dirty. It doesn’t make the drug screw you up any less.

  2. Help does seem to be the ultimate goal, but if you’ve ever known an addict, you’ll know that you can’t force help on somebody who’s not ready for it. I wish you could, but the world doesn’t work that way, unfortunately.

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