Kids on Google search the darnedest things.

One of the down sides of not having done this for over a month is I’ve missed out on quite a bit of amusing random. Or, rather, not so much missed out, just shoved off to one side to be looked at when I was no longer dealing with things. So, in other words, right about now. From the “how the hell did this get here” department, we go digging through search stats. Apparently, I don’t have to be posting for folks to find things amusing–the upwards of 5 and a half years of material on here seems to be doing well enough with that all on its own. And now, I snark and snicker, all in one entry.

Aug 9 1:14pm: fuck the job market

Thought it, multiple times. Said it, probably a few more times than that. Like I told someone yesterday–yes, the economy up here is better than in other places. But, less craptastic is still pretty fucking craptastic. And around these parts? It’s still pretty fucking craptastic. So yeah, by all means. Fuck the job market.

Aug 13 11:55am: free porn

No bloody idea what you were looking for when you ended up here, but I seriously hope you found it. And I seriously hope it wasn’t a spam comment that slipped through the cracks–that would suck just a tiny bit. Just, please, remember to wipe your screen.

Aug 14 12:20am: Famhly porn

I… um… don’t want to know. No, seriously. Who’s family? No wait, don’t answer.

Oct 3 11:52pm: why is it illegal to download tv shows if you have cable

A very, very, very good question. And one I still haven’t found an answer to. I’ve already written a novel on that particular topic, part of which folks are still finding of interest, but I’ve yet to hear an actual, honest to goodness solid explanation for it–other than the typical $billions in lost sales claim that’s been disproven 6 ways from Sunday. But, I’m still open to an actual explanation… if anyone’s got one.

Yeah, clearly I need to do this more often. Consider that a note to self.

2 responses to “Kids on Google search the darnedest things.

  1. Steve says:

    This here search post reminds me that I need to dig around and see if I’ve got enough for another You Are Here?

    Creepy readers are such a fantastic source of entertainment and content, are they not?

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