In which there can be multiple interpretations for the same search phrase.

I’m not entirely sure what in the blue hell this thinggy from Google was aiming at, but I hope they found it, whatever it was.

Oct 8 5:49pm: odsp rat. bastard

Let me see, here. Possible translations include. ODSP people are rat bastards? Yes, in a few cases definitely. The mess I landed in when living in Petawawa is proof of this. Someone got ratted out by or to ODSP? That’d certainly warrant me calling them a bastard–at a minimum–so, eh, sure. Why not? As for other possible translations? Okay I got nothin’. Not entirely sure if it’s because I’m half out of it, or they were. Of course it’s entirely possible this entry just didn’t need to be posted–but oh well. Too late now. The next one’lol be somewhere in the neighbourhood of decent. Or at least that’s what I tell myself while I seriously hope the thing doesn’t catch fire.

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