Methinks Vancouver’s been making use of their own, probably clean, crack pipes.

You’d think a supposedly progressive city who prides itself on having the best rehabilitation programs in Canada would be trying to put them to good use as widely as possible, and for as many situations as possible. As it turns out, they’d rather that if you’re going to kill yourself, you do it safely. So rather than using their safe injection sites as a path to redirect users to rehabilitation so they’re not escentially sucking off the government while making themselves stupid, they’re doing things like implementing plans to distribute clean crack pipes to users. So, basicly, yes, crack’s illegal and will probably kill you–but here, have a free pipe on us. You might as well not get sick doing it. Nevermind that you’ll probably be in the hospital after using it, but hey, at least it won’t be because you caught something off someone else’s, you know. If that’s what folks are calling progressive these days, give me good old fashion conservatism any day. At least it’d mean your taxes weren’t going to support the habbit of someone who probably doesn’t pay any. Now. Any other city wanna take over as tops in rehabilitation? Vancouver’s just slipped a little.

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