I have too much time, methinks.

So in between getting things settled up for Christmas, and taking Jess (samari76) out for her birthday, I’ve had a bit of an opportunity to do some technological geeking. I’ve been toying with the idea of installing a local copy of various versions of Linux, mostly for the awesome factor that would go with it. That, plus trish is rather curious to see exactly what the system looks like. So with mucho assistance from Mike (lightvortex), I got my hands on an iso of Gentoo, A.K.A. my OS of choice. Burned two live CD’s, one for my eventual booting/possible installing, and one so Trish can look at it on her own schedule and optionally install it when she decides it’s something she’s got time to dink around with. If I ever do get around to installing Gentoo locally, I’ve still got the HP laptop sitting in the other room that’s been in a sort of semi-state of retirement since about September/October of last year, when I got my hands on this machine. I’m giving serious thought to plunking Gentoo on that machine, and taking the Orca screenreader for a test drive. Thought about a couple others, but from doing my own poking around Orca’s got the most publicly available documentation/information on it. I’m not *overly* impressed with its selection of speech synths, but considering it’s free software, plus is completely and totally open source, I don’t see that being a permanent problem. If it turns out I actually enjoy locally using Gentoo,I may do exactly the same thing with the desktop here; ditch the copy of Windows and subsequent copy of JAWS for Windows I have on here, and stick Gentoo in its place. God knows there’s about 40 billion equivalent programs I can use to do the same every day things I do on here while using that particular OS. Now I just have to muster up the nerve to actually take the plunge. One of these days I’ll let loose with my Windows versus Linux post. But for the moment, I’ll just leave it at Linux will pwn j00. And yes, Rox’e (pawpower4me), it even pwns your macs. Like wo.

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  1. huh, so you think. Once you actually use a Mac then you can say! LOL I want to try Lynix though; I’ve been contemplating the partitioning of ye old hard drive just for that reason; Bob thinks I should put windows on here but I won’t defile my Mac in that way Grin.

  2. I am no techie, that’s for sure, but I installed Ubuntu on one of my computers, and now I can’t get it to get online through my wireless connection. So annoying. Still, I’m having fun trying, if stifling urges to toss the entire system through an upstairs window counts as having fun–it does, right? LOL

    • Of course it does. It’s how you learn, after all.

      PS: Ubuntu’s famous for not being able to see certain wireless cards on instalation. Could/did you get online when you tried from the CD? … Or rather, *did* you try from the CD?

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