Victoria day done… well… done.

For folks over there in the US who may not know it, every year on the unofficial first long weekend of the summer, we cellebrate Queen victoria’s birthday–which, as luck would have it, would be today were she still breathing, apparently. Which, escentially, means everyone with a government contract gets to take the day off and most of Ottawa closes up shop for the day. And we, being the slackers we are, sit around Trish’s living room and play Rockband all night–in between burgers, hotdogs, and a Tim Hortons run (hey, we’re still Canadian, eh?). So last night, we did exactly that. Shot the shit, completely murdered several songs–some of which threaten to predate me, and all around had ourselves a birthday party the likes of which Queen Victoria would have probably not been caught dead at. Proof we have way, way too much fun round these parts. I think next year, I’ll just put forward a motion to rename the day. *Then* party.

  1. That rocked. you couldn’t do that in canadian hicksville. Just sayin’.
    Now, when’s the next wee party?

    1. I had to read that twice. I seriously thought you said weed party.

      1. Now that I read that? if you weren’t paying attention, it might actually sound like weed. lol. just, lol.

  2. Well have to get some new games and practice 🙂

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