A very frozen morning to ya.

So as can be expected in the valley that is Ottawa, it was minus too damn cold this morning. For the sake of a little twist, though, it was also minus too damn cold in the house. Apparently, at some point between the time I dragged my ass to bed at 2:30 and the time I regained consciousness 5 hours later, our furnace decided it would be really awesome if it went on strike. That kind of meant we got to do something we haven’t done much of in quite a while–I haulled in an armload or two of wood, and we kicked the woodstove into action. An hour later, we were once again just slightly less than vulnerable to the big freezy. Who says excitement doesn’t come to a small town?

Furnace repair dude’s supposed to show up eventually, meaning sometime between an hour from now and end of day. In the meantime, I’m all about the doing things the old fashion way. There’s just something about heating the house like that. Anyone who’s done it probably knows what I’m getting at.

Good Thursday, folks. Hopefully yours is less cold than ours at the moment.

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