This week’s terrorist establishment: Campbell’s soups!

Oh, those whacky US conservatives. If it’s not Canada’s healthcare system that’s evil, it’s Canada’s arm of an American corporation. And this week, a group of US-based bloggers have come together to condemn a line of tomato soup said to have been certified as meeting guidelines according to muslim law. The organization chosen by Campbell’s to do the certifying? The Islamic Society of North America–who some of these bloggers have decided to brand as a terrorist organization. The kicker? The product line they’re protesting isn’t even sold in the US. Yep, you read it here first–Canada’s graduated from harbouring terrorist sleeper cells to harbouring terrorist soups. So much for keeping it secret.

  1. If they’d just try the stuff they might have a different opinion. Personally I find the Burqa Noodle just delightful.

    I wanted to write about this yesterday when I saw it, but my cold-ravaged brain just could not find the words for this level of retardity.

    1. Come on, now, Steve. You know non-Christian = evil by default. Gees, where’s your head?

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