Where’s Jeff Foxworthy when you need him?

Only in Quebec. A guy ends up with a property tax bill upwards of 200000 dollars. He’s not exactly enthused with the rate of increases to his taxes, and decides to make a point of telling the folks down at city hall exactly that by showing up, one assumes on or before the due date, with no fewer than 200000 dollars in pennies. Apparently, it required the use of a kiddy pool to carry them.

A Quebec man, fed up with his skyrocketing property taxes, carted more than 200,000 pennies down to City Hall to pay his bill. But he was denied, and asked to simply cut a cheque.

A cheque? Hell, I thought you wanted money! Tell you what, I’m just gonna go pay the whole thing off right now.

Like I said, where’s Foxworthy when you need him?

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