My thing against Tiger Woods.

Tiger Woods is an awesome golfer. No doubt he’s already found himself a spot on the history pages next to that other awesome golfer man. Good for him. Now, here’s the problem. Ever since he got caught in someone else’s bed, it sort of seems we hear more about him now than before.

The guy just got a marital slapdown of the highest order. He just paid out 750 million dollars in a divorce settlement. And if he sneezes the wrong way off the field, and sometimes on it, he gets twice as many cameras stuck in his face.

My only problem with Tiger is there’s way too bloody much of him. He’s still a great golfer. He’s still a legendary figure among his fans. And he still isn’t any more or less a jerk for what he did to his family than anyone else. Turn off the damn cameras already. Let the man do his thing. Let the golf specific media and fans follow him around if they choose to; meanwhile, don’t we have a politician to take a crack at ruining? Hey at least that hasn’t been overdone. Oh, wait. Nevermind.

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