Some day, Sarah’s gonna be president when she grows up.

Just not any time in the immediate future. At least, I sure as hell hope not. Not until she goes back and revisits her history classes, anyway–do they even teach history up in Alaska? Did she even pay attention when they did? She forgot, right? Yeah, why else would she call North Korea the US’s ally? Psst, Sarah? Your ally’s that-a-way. Clearly, they don’t call her Failin’ Palin for nothin’, you betcha.

  1. I’m not one to defend Sarah Palin, but don’t you think, she MEANT to say SOUTH Korea? I mean, that’s a simple slip of the tongue. I just don’t get why the media is making such a big deal out of this.

    I could print a huge LIST of stupid things that Obama (or just about any politician for that matter) have said, and yet, for some reason the media only seems to remember certain people (usually anyone not Democrat) over others.

    1. I could probably bury you in mockery of one of our previous, liberal Prime Ministers–mostly on account of he epically failed at speaking either of Canada’s official languages. I think the big thing around it is, well, it’s not the first screw-up she’s made re: foreign relations. Or, well, anything else for that matter. And yet there’s a crap ton of people out there who still say she’d do a better job than anyone else, democrat or republican.

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