Maple Leafs 4, Sabres 2.

How often does this happen? After pretty much getting owned, rather solidly, all season by the boys across the border, we actually showed up and put on a pretty good show of not getting swept for the season. And this against a goaltender that pretty much stoned us every chance he got–which was every game except the one on thursday. Which, by the way, I was forced to miss on account of my parents not getting Leafs TV, on which it was apparently broadcast, and me being required to house sit for the evening, but that’s neither here nor there. We played a team literally a game away from locking up the division. And we didn’t get spanked. Now, if only that meant we’d be in the playoffs. But, can’t have everything. Now reserving spots on local golf courses. Maple Leafs get in half price–provided they can nail the Canadians. Deal? Hey, I tried.

Last time

For the second consecutive meeting between the two teams, this one back in January, we got our butts kicked. Not by much, but enough that it was painful. Of course, not nearly as painful as the realization that the team just plain wasn’t going to get a whole lot better this year, but still. On the bright side, I like the look of the Sabres on the losing end of a game for a change. Say, can we do that again, boys? Might make next season a little more fun.

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