Maple Leafs 5, Red Wings 1.

Well, it’s not really what I’d call a winning streak, but I’ll take an undefeated streak just as well. At least one point in 7 games, and 2 points in each of the last 2 games, and Kessel netted himself 2 points tonight. Hard to find fault in at least tonight’s performance–hell, they managed to surprise the hell out of me. Could things have been improved? Sure. But, they killed every penalty they got themselves in, they only gave up the one goal, and it didn’t take a shootout. Not a bad starting place. Tuesday, they play the Wild. If they collapse then, I shall take back most of what I said. But until then, halalooya we got us a hockey team!

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  1. I read your leafs posts, and I have to say, the one thing that has always been a thought is, “The leafs can’t be this bad, can they?” They have too much talent and too much good stewartship to be that bad.

  2. Oh, they most asuredly can be that bad. You’re right, though–with the talent they have, they shouldn’t be. But, look at them. On paper they should almost be playoff level. In reality? I’d be happy with 15th.

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