Have we hit bottom yet?

It’s no secret that I’m a Leafs fan. Probably to my own detrament, even. But I am. It’s well documented on my LJ, and even more so on my older, much deader blog. I’ve joked that it might as well be a religion. Well, that religion’s on the verge of finding itself in shambles, at least for those of us devoted to our Leafs. We’ve won an impressive… 1 game all season. And one might argue we didn’t deserve to win. You know it’s bad when I don’t lose sleep over missing a game. Even now, while it’s been switched on over here and will start in a couple minutes, I wouldn’t be too upset if it disappeared from my television. It’s all to do with the sinking feeling I get every time we talk Leafs. Face it, we’ve kind of hit rock bottom this season. Even a guy who’s probably a bigger Leafs fan than me called it the worst start in franchise history. Can we break out of it? Sooner or later we have to. “Close but no cigar” should be our new slogan.


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