And sometimes, drama gives me moments like this.

While discussing the questionable actions of certain questionable people over IM last night, one of us came up with perhaps the most expressive form of wtf and frustration I’ve heard in like ever. “Oh, Jesus Christ almighty on Satan’s pogo stick.” I LOLed. Hard. Never let it be said that even the stupid, though it does cause massive amounts of headachery, doesn’t provide some form of offhanded yet unintentional entertainment value. Of course, it could just as easily have been the fact we were all bored to fucking tears. Whichever works.


4 responses to “And sometimes, drama gives me moments like this.”

  1. I admit it…

    The Satan/pogo stick thinggy was all my fault! The iced tea made me do it! And no, there was nothing else added to said iced tea.

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