This building’s basement smells decidedly like pot.

And, of course, to do my laundry I have to make regular trips back and forth from the basement. Keep in mind I live on the third floor, but that’s a whole other issue. So every time I have to make a trip down there, to bring clothes down or take the clean ones up, I get a nice healthy dose of weed smell. I’ve never smoked it, but I’ve been around enough people to have… I can tell what’s going on. Now, personally, I could care less one way or the other, I mean, I can’t control what these other fools do in their apartments, but Christ almighty. Not what I want to smell when I leave the laundry room, thankyaverymuch. Ah well, they just let anyone rent apartments here it looks like.

  1. hehehehe, at least your clothes don’t smell like old bongwater when you’re done. *looks around* Not that *I* know what that smells like…

  2. Forget about it, Stac. You’ve already given yourself away. 🙂

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