Them there hormones’ll get ya every time.

Why is it men are often discouraged from attending baby showers? I originally thought it might possibly have something to do with the fact there’s a lot discussed during those things that we just plain don’t wanna hear. Like, ever. Turns out, nope, not true. Well, maybe it’s partially true; I dunno. I’ve never been to one. But it’s not the *real* reason. See, we here who make up the often believed less inteligent male part of the equasion simply fear for our lives. And after a 7-month pregnant woman winds up arrested for murder either during or after presumedly her own baby shower, why wouldn’t we be? The more confused among us may disagree, but I rather like me breathing, thanks. So, you go on and have your baby shower, honey. Yeah, that’s right. And I’ll sit over here with a rum and coke and the hockey game. Now sit. Stay. Good mommy. Nice mommy.

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  1. seriously, you aren’t missing anything by not going. I hate all of that girly crap and just because I am a woman, I’m expected to go. Then I have to say no because you couldn’t make me go to one of those things even for a million bucks. Saying no to an invitation of this nature though is like some sort of crime because we all should love parties like this. Honestly, I’d rather be slowly roasted to death! and baby showers are the worst. Then again, anything involving babies, cooing over babies, and baby rabies in general makes me wanna run far away.

  2. combined baby showers

    I’ve actually been to both a women’s only one, and two of the combined parrents ones. The main difference is for the most part when it’s just women they play these stupid games like… how many toilett paper squares around is she… Then she wins a stupid little door prise aka a photo album with pink sparkley stuff on the cover… Don’t ask how I know. There are the silly games and they eat silly little dainty foods, and they coo over little baby things. The combined ones have more of the let’s eat, watch them open their gifts and it’s time to go vibe. I honestly like the second one a bit better. Bridle showers sound fun because you get to give the woman embarricing gifts and be amusing, but baby showers I’m all for the combined.

    As for the pregnant mommy killing someone… If we all went by that principle. I wouldn’t ride grey hound busses anymore aka decapatation anyone?

  3. Oh, all that cooing over baby items and pink and blue ruffles? That’s what we’d like you guys to think. You don’t want to know what *really* goes on at all female parties … heh, heh. That guy knew too much; he had to go!

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