Reason number 5954631 why I so should have been an English major.

I tried, like way hard, to respond teasingly to a quiz posted to dahlia_and_balu‘s (sorry, but I completely forgot or never knew your name) LJ. Except it would have required I *intentionally* riddle it with literary fail. Apparently, that’s a concept I just can’t seem to grasp onto. As in, the very act of intentionally trying to do so provoked a complete non-response on the brain front. I seriously got nothin’. So why am I not an English major? … One word. Shakespeare.

  1. I love Shakespeare. And I was an English major for my bachelor’s, but why is a sad story (for me, anyway! LOL). But guess what? Now I want to go back and get a second bachelor’s degree–in physics and computer science. I am probably just daydreaming, but who knows–maybe I could do it? My name is Nadia. “dahlia and balu” is an anagram of my full name.

    1. Now why did I suspect the whole English major thing…? 😉

    2. I told him your name before he added you, but with that lack of sleep he’s suffering from, he probably forgot. LOL!

      1. Hey you. You leave my lack of sleep out of this. 😛

        1. Important details. Very important. LOL!

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