I don’t do anything in Pembroke. Honest.

That spending the afternoon yesterday going out for coffee with my aunt and one of my cousins didn’t happen. Neither did the going to their place for supper after. Because, y’know, I just don’t dare do such things. My poor hockey team also didn’t just roll over and play dead for half last night’s game, either. No, seriously. They didn’t. We’re not talking about that. Shhh. You saw nothing.

Seriously though, there was actually a rather surprising amount of fun to be had yesterday. The cousin in question, who’s been a little bit of a drama queen in her own right lately, actually did her best to behave herself. And succeeded. Or something. We watched a couple movies and my aunt decided to order pizza for supper. Then it was go time. Came back home, ousted the dogs, and threw on the hockey game. And then promptly turned it right the hell off again. Oh. my. fucking. god. We did decently up until the third. Apparently they weren’t todl hockey does have 3 periods though. Thank god it’s only the preseason. Damn, that hurt.

I had to make up for that horrifying beating, you know. Well, okay, that and Christmass is in, oh… 3 months, so call these my christmass present to me. Uber freaking early, but I do that. Deal. I’ve got one half the size, but if there’s one thing I’ve learned in the last year or so, it’s that 500 GB is so not enough for someone who’s video wishlist is way too fucking long for his goddamn good. I could probably just delete half of them, but well, that’s so no fun. Besides, then I’d of just had to buy something else.

And, because this entry’s not random/pointless enough, the Canadian government actually came up with something semi-useful ; our very own national do not call list. How well it works is anyone’s guess, but hey, I’ll take it. Hey, can’t be any worse than the one they use in the US.

… And I’ve just run out of pointless drivvle. Time to find something semi-productive to do. Like maybe laundry. Where did I learn to procrastinate so damn much? … I blame Cheryl (clefurgey).

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2 responses to “I don’t do anything in Pembroke. Honest.”

  1. I’ll just say this upfront; the Canadian national do-not-call list *cannot* be any worse than the U.S national do-not-call list, mostly because ours might as well not even exist. It’s probably just a file yellowing on someone’s desk: more needless tree-killing.

  2. Me? I learned everything I know from you, sir.
    And holy huge hd, bat-man. I bought a 500 gb, which for some reason unknown to me I have not used yet, and cannot imagine needing something that huge. Unless I ripped all my dvds to it, but that’s doubtful.
    You just might hear from me later today or tonight, I hope the cell is charged.

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