Why I don’t do email support.

From a community I’m a member of, an actual email request for support.

“I Just Trnd On My Computer and It Just Wontend My To Re Lond It A gean And I Just Reand Stold It 2 Days A Go .It Dont Exspir Taol The 9-3-2008. And It haes Bean Workeng Un Teal now”

10 points and a cookie of uber awesomeness if you can actually process this email without suffering a small stroke.

  1. LOL!!!!

    Oh My God!!!!

    thanks for that!!!!

    Laughing my ass off!

    LOL… just… wow!!!!!!…

    1. Re: LOL!!!!

      My work here is done. I can has interpreter naow?

  2. Mmm, tasty cookie.

    1. You’re already uber awesome. That’s unfair or something.

  3. Ok, and what does that mean in English, please? SSounds like yet another person who shouldn’t be permitted to have a computer.

    1. I had to read it 3 times, myself. Granted it was too damn early in the morning still, but… oh. my. god.

  4. I can figure it out, but only reason is because I know someone who writes like that. He’s dutch, and english isn’t his first language.
    So what do i get? haha.

    1. Besides your ass up to Ottawa? We’ll talk about that later. 😛

    2. and, for anybody whose interested, the email says:
      I just turned on my computer and it just wanted me to reload again and I just reinstalled it two days ago. It doesn’t expire till 9-3-2008. And it has been working untill now.

  5. So when did Blake start having trouble with his computer?

    1. ROFL! Win! And the awesome part is you and I are the only ones who have anything to do with this that know what you’re talking about.

  6. that’s almost as bad as when I’m drunk!

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