Why I don’t do email support.

From a community I’m a member of, an actual email request for support.

“I Just Trnd On My Computer and It Just Wontend My To Re Lond It A gean And I Just Reand Stold It 2 Days A Go .It Dont Exspir Taol The 9-3-2008. And It haes Bean Workeng Un Teal now”

10 points and a cookie of uber awesomeness if you can actually process this email without suffering a small stroke.

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  1. I can figure it out, but only reason is because I know someone who writes like that. He’s dutch, and english isn’t his first language.
    So what do i get? haha.

    • and, for anybody whose interested, the email says:
      I just turned on my computer and it just wanted me to reload again and I just reinstalled it two days ago. It doesn’t expire till 9-3-2008. And it has been working untill now.

    • ROFL! Win! And the awesome part is you and I are the only ones who have anything to do with this that know what you’re talking about.

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