I got up at about 6:10, was promptly stuck to my bed (not due to lazyness for a change!), and then came into work to find out somebody I had call a customer back lastnight pretty much reversed everything I’d already done and did it his way. Needless to say today is not looking all too off to such a wonderfully glorious start. On the bright side, at 11:30 ISH or so I get free food! They’re throwing a thanks for coming out bbq today, so I officially didn’t necessarily have to pack anything. I did, though, ‘cuz well, I’m an idiot. Or maybe just because everyone needs an afternoon snack. Or… something.

Oh, and random PS: Environment Canada, if Ottawa gets one more thunderstorm watch this week and no thunderstorm, I’m gonna raise some serious hell. Or, hey, can we settle for rain at least? I’m not entirely demanding…

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