Not the ideal start to a morning.

So since shortly after I finally got home and settled, it started to rain here. And it didn’t really let up a whole hell of a lot between then and this morning. So I got to walk to work (yes, I actually got up in time to take the bus; I’m proud of me!) in what amounted to the constant drip. I’d leave at 6:30, bus shows up at 6:42, and between former and latter, I wind up not really needing to have taken a shower. Loverly. But I managed to make it here in one piece and on time, even. And now I sort of drip dry while waiting for somebody to call me with a busted up computer. Or something. On the bright side, at least I’m not running late for a goddamn change.

PS: samari76, you called it again. The closer I got to work, the closer it got to stopping. Just thought you’d be interested to know.

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